Spring 2016 Schedule

Dates and Times: May 16th - 19th, 10am - 1:30pm

Location: See email from Rick

Requirements: alacrity and, importantly, RStudio

May 16th

1000 - 1030 introductions, plans and goals
1030 - 1100 basics of RStudio
1100 - 1130 exercise 1: basics
1130 - 1200 what is a time series?
1200 - 1230 exercise 2: time series 1
1230 - 1300 lunch + discussion
1300 - 1330 exercise 3 (later task?)
advanced optional reading (free)

May 17th

1000 - 1030 plans and goals
1030 - 1100 intermediate time series techniques
1100 - 1130 exercise 4: time series 2
1130 - 1200 quantification of dynamics
1200 - 1230 exercise 5: time series 3
1230 - 1315 lunch + guest speaker: maryam
maryam's slides

May 18th

1000 - 1030 plans and goals
1030 - 1130 exercise 6: devilish details
1130 - 1230 discussion of eye tracking data
(throughout: collect eye tracking data)
1230 - 1315 lunch + guest speaker: till
eye data
till's R code

May 19th

1000 - 1030 what's next?
1030 - 1100 discussion
1100 - 1200 exercise 7: word histories!
(throughout: more eye tracking and VR demo)
1230 - 1315 lunch + guest speaker: anne
feedback for workshop
good github introductions
keep going: more tutorials in R
final slide set from rick

Spring 2016 Attendees

Mitzy Flores | COGS major
Kevin Peña | COGS major
Alexia Garcia | POLI major, COGS minor
Abraham Felix | COGS major
Faustina Barnard | COGS major
Monica Mendiola | COGS major, SOC / NSED minor
Manuel Rodriguez | COGS major / PHE minor
Sara Mendoza | COGS major
Mario Luja | POLI major

see our eye-tracking swarm of Yosemite Valley

We began analyzing keystroke data, studying the dynamics of language production

Maryam (Ph.D. student) giving her guest presentation on computer-mouse dynamics

Manuel and Faustina participating in the "relay" eye tracking training exercise

This is a heat map of all attendee data (including Rick!), showing viewing of Yosemite Valley; the middle is Half Dome!

In one of our exercises, students learned how to run experiments using the SMI RED-m, and visualize eye-tracking data in BeGaze

Sara and Monica participating in the "relay" eye tracking training exercise

Hacking at RStudio, and showcasing pupil diameter change during scene viewing

We ate pizza from Me 'n Ed's Merced during lunch breaks; cheese dynamics

The view from the eye cameras of the SMI ETG that the students learned to position and calibrate.

Manuel, Abraham, and Kevin calibrating Kevin on the SMI ETG and discussing its relationship to the SMI RED-m they learned the prior day.

Professor Warlaumont, guest speaker, trying out the HTC Vive VR system.

Mario showcasing the HTC Vive VR system to the workshop attendees.

We ate more pizza and it was pretty good.

Guest Speakers


Dr. Anne Warlaumont is a professor in COGS and will showcase an example of a large-scale dynamic data project in her lab, called HomeBank.


Maryam Tabatabaeian is a Ph.D. student in COGS and will describe how RStudio is useful in her cutting-edge analysis of dynamic data.


Till Bergmann is a Ph.D. student in COGS, and is starting a Data Science workshop this summer. He will describe how R and RStudio are useful in industry.

Most of the workshop will be led by Rick Dale, faculty in COGS