SCiP 2017 Vancouver

The Annual Meeting of the Society for Computers in Psychology (SCiP) takes place one day before the main conference of the Psychonomic Society. Details about location and hotel can be found on the Psychonomic Society website. SCiP 2017 will take place in Vancouver, BC, Canada, organized by new SCiP President Xiaowei Zhao (Emmanuel College).

SCiP 2016, in Boston, was organized by 2016 President Randy Jamieson (U. Manitoba). This past SCiP featured three guest speakers, including Keynote Speaker Dr. Art Graesser, and two Presidential Symposium speakers Dr. Evimaria Terzi and Dr. Brendan Johns. The theme of the conference was "Cognitive Technologies," and the conference will feature talks and symposia on educational technologies (symposium), web-based research techniques (symposium), and an array of topics from measurement and statistics, new software tools, computational models of language, and more. See "History" for this and prior programs.
About SCiP
'...SCiP has a long tradition of advancing and disseminating leading work in core areas of psychological research pertaining to analytic and computational techniques.'

 SCiP Through Time
Presentations at SCiP have led to groundbreaking and influential papers. Many of these have been published in the Psychonomic Society journal Behavior Research Methods (BRM). Each year BRM hosts a special issue of papers from SCiP presentations. Here is a sample of some major papers presented at SCiP and published in BRM.