Welcome to COGS 180-02: Modern Everyday Cognition

Course description: The past two decades have seen an enormous shift in the way that individuals in industrialized societies seek out, share, and evaluate information. This advanced undergraduate course will provide in-depth examination of core findings from the cognitive sciences, and apply them to everyday modern life. Topics will include the integration of technologies with our cognitive processes, the changes in real and virtual social structures, the influence of technologies on those social structures and institutions, the use of virtual crowds to solve real-world problems, and more. These topics relate to many areas of the social sciences, so the course will be interdisciplinary, and will integrate information from several fields (cognitive science, economics, management, political science, anthropology, psychology, etc.). Although the classes will mostly be lecture-based, discussion will be included each week, and questions are always encouraged. Students are expected to attend each class and do all readings (before or after each class).

For all readings and activities see the class schedule.

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Day / time / location: Thursdays, 6-8:45pm, COB 116

First class: August 29th, 2013


Dr. Rick Dale, Associate Professor of Cognitive Science. My lab in SSM.
Read about my research here. Here’s a specific example. And another, and another.
Office hours: 4:30-6:30pm, Tuesday, SSM 261A
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Shanna Erickson, M.S.
Ph.D. Student in Cognitive Science.
Office hours: Mondays 1-3pm, SSM 239